Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hooray for PhotoRescue!

YES! I did manage to rescue my missing photos from the deleted memory card with the help of the amazing PhotoRescue. At least I was quick enough to realize that they were missing right away and to not shoot any more photos on this memory card, so I got all 173 photos back. This one is the pattern that I want to use for a Christmas Ornament. I want to use the dark blue line in a variegated thread in red and green and then do the linking boxes in solid colors that match the reds and greens in the variegated thread. I might do it all in satin stitch rather than cross stitch.

And since some people have asked for more travel pictures, I leave you with this picture also from the Alhambra in Granada. You may not think that this looks very Arabic, but the Alhambra was also the court of Queen Isabella when she finally granted Christopher Columbus his warrant to explore the western passage to India. There are several beautiful Spanish courtyards in the Spanish part of the fortress.

I know I promised a picture of my new stitching start, but I will have to leave that until tomorrow. I must admit that I have been a bit obsessed with it. It looks like I will just keep stitching it until it is done.


Barbara said...

Oh my gosh, you must be so thrilled! Yay!! :D

Tracy said...

Good news on the rescued pics! The Granada picture is beautiful, breathtaking. Thanks for sharing more pictures!

Donna said...

Wow. Sometimes technology can be amazing. That's great news.

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

That's great that you were able to get the photos back! Wahoo!

Love the pattern and it will look beautiful done in Christmas colors. :-)

Enjoyed seeing the Granada photo!

Okay, which sheep is it? LOL!

Windy Meadow

Ruth said...

Huge congratulations. :) I needed a smilew this afternoon and this is it :)