Friday, November 14, 2008

A Very Belated THANK YOU!

See how perfect this scissors fob is for this project? Now I just need to find the perfect scissors for it. I was lucky enough to win this beautiful fob from Cindy who gave three fabulous fobs away for her third blogoversary. But since we have returned from Europe I am still wading through my mail. So although I received this safe and sound some time ago, I am only now getting around to putting up a picture and giving Cindy a big THANK YOU for this lovely fob.

As much as I would love to start this project right away, I still have a lot to stitch on Summer Wool. Summer Wool is my focus for the November Stitch-A-Thon. After that it is back to the plastic canvas ornaments. Unless I start something else really small I might not have any more finishes this year. I have been focusing on some larger pieces and I am happy about the progress I have made on them. Next year will probably also be filled with medium and large projects. Now that I know that I can start a large project and progress, I'm happier to tackle some of those larger projects that have been lingering in the bins. I also better have as 2009 goals some framing done. I'm starting to pile up stitching that is just sitting in a drawer.


Meari said...

It does go really well, Kathryn :)

Carol R said...

A lovely fob - lucky you!

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Beautiful fob!

You've made great progress on your stitching goals this year. I'm also adding to my list of goals for next year to have more things finished so that they aren't sitting in the drawer!

Windy Meadow

Ruth said...

Cool. Congrats on your lucky win. It is perfect for that piece. And now that I see that piece (7 Gables, right?) for like the 3rd time, I think I need it. Crap. More stuff I need.

Say, do you do your own framing?