Monday, December 15, 2008


I mentioned that I was glad to find this Kit & Bixby pattern that goes with the seasons Wool patterns. I already had Haunted Wool. Now I have Patriot Wool and Lucky Wool. But as much as I like the idea of this pattern, there are a lot details in this pattern that I do not like. I don't like the sheep's asymmetrical face or where the colored cross is (it should be one square farther over to the right) or where the path is or the pattern on the stars or even the bright colors on the house (I'll change them to more "Colonial" colors). All of these thoughts made me realize that a lot of stitching bloggers that I read are making changes in colors and patterns in a lot of the things that they stitch. Is this one step closer to designing patterns of our own or just the normal decisions that many stitchers make to blend the patterns that we buy into ones that fit our tastes better? How much of a pattern can you change and still find it worth it to buy a pattern?

I guess I am thinking about stitching, because I have not had a lot of time to actually stitch. Last week I had to completely clean up my stitching area in the living room and tuck everything away for the cleaners. Then we had a CookieFest (a group of people who came over to our house and baked cookies) on Thursday night and the Las Vegas Fandom Holiday Party and Alien Gift Exchange (I got a Tribble!) on Saturday with the cookies for dessert. We spent yesterday cleaning all the dishes and today and tomorrow are dedicated to The Big Project.

I talked about my restlessness now that the convention that we were planning for four years is completed (including the balancing of all the accounts). I was looking for another Big Project and have found it in what I really love to do -- design and build houses. Yes, we moved here five years ago with the idea that this house was only temporary and that we would build The House in a year or two. Well, the time is now. I won't be mentioning much about it here in this blog, but I have started another blog, Adventures in Surreal Estate, to talk about our decisions and progress. We have spent a month looking for land here in Clark County and have picked out a piece of property with a spectacular view. This afternoon and tomorrow we will start interviewing contractors and architects and get this project started. We have a good idea of the functional areas we want in the house. Now to find out if we can put this all together.


Donna said...

I make changes in patterns more often than not. I started with the easy stuff - changing fabric, changing threads - and moved on to changing designs to suit me. If I don't like a sampler verse, I change it. If I think the motif needs to be moved over, I move it. If the shape of something is wrong to my eye, I alter it till it's right to me. It's fun! And that way you get exactly what you want.

Cris Uchoas said...

His blog is wonderful. Congratulations!
Hug here from Brazil