Monday, December 8, 2008

I was GOOD!

Though obviously the pull to start something new is strong in many of us stitchers, I resisted it this time and took my last two plastic ornaments to Columbus, Ohio. I dived right in to the outline stitching on the first plane to Chicago and finished it up right then and there. Later in Columbus, I worked on the lettering and the french knots. I was congratulating myself on how well they were turning out, when, of course, one of them went all crossways and lumpy. OK, I have eighteen good french knots in the wreath and one lumpy one. But the ornament, after more than ten years, is completely stitched. Yeah, me! That is five done and one to go.

And on the return leg from Chicago to Las Vegas I got most of this outline stitching done. Even though I was sitting in a middle seat! There is still some lettering, the face, and some interior outlining to go here, but I should be finished this week. Probably. Today and tomorrow are clean up and pack up days. The real cleaners come on Wednesday. Then we need to decorate and buy supplies for the CookieFest on Thursday. Friday is another shopping day for the Holiday Party on Saturday. Maybe when that is over I can think about actual Christmas shopping! We leave for my mother-in-laws in Kentucky on the 22nd, so we won't have as much time to shop there as usual.

Why Cutting Edge Technology Makes You Bleed

I admit it. I am addicted to gadgets. The newer, the shinier, the better. I have one of the first iPhones. I also have an iPod and more kitchen gadgets than I can remember. But one of my favorite gadgets has always been my Panasonic Lumix LX1 camera. I got it several years ago when it first came out. My husband has one of those huge top-of-line Canon cameras with so many buttons, he couldn't remember how to turn the LCD screen on. I want something so small that I WILL carry it on my purse and use it. But Panasonic came out with a new Lumix LX3. And it is getting spectacular reviews in the photo press. So after much backing and forthing, I ordered one, with a new SDHC (High Capacity) 8Gb flash card. I took it to Ohio and started taking pictures. Uh, oh. My tiny portable card reader doesn't recognized my new SDHC card. Oops. Order a new card reader that will be here on Wednesday. When I came home, I tried my big multi-card reader. It doesn't like the new card either. OK, take the old 2 Gb plain SD card from my old camera and use it in the new camera. Ah, more problems. I like shooting in RAW format (not compressed like JPG). And Photoshop/Browse CS3 doesn't recognize the new Panasonic RW2 (RAW 2) format. I thought Adobe had fixed that. And they have. In CS4. Well, we needed to upgrade our Adobe software. But that means you can't see the pictures of the lovely LNS I found in Columbus until I can read the card they are on and get Photoshop CS4 to understand the RW2 files. I am just glad that I didn't give away my old camera yet, so I could take pictures of the plastic ornaments.


Gaynor said...

Hi,...just wandered over to your blog from another and it is lovely. Great stitching...on your own with the technology though..I am the last to buy anything. Got my sons a Wii for xmas...dreading putting it

Cyn said...


Great progress on the ornaments.

Don you just hate it when technology won't talk to each other. Sigh...

I'm also laughing as I took several in progress pictures over the past week which I was going to share on my blog this week. DD is volunteering at a school sponsored Outdoor School this week as a counselor. So guess who took my camera with her! Usually that's fine with me as she doesn't need to ask but I hadn't uploaded the pictures yet! Sigh... Sigh...

She'll be back on Friday and I can start adding the pictures then. In the meanwhile, I'm going to borrow DH's camera to take some other pictures to share this week. :-)

Windy Meadow

Meari said...

Congrats to you on getting your ornaments closer to being done, Kathryn. I didn't realize I was so behind on PS! CS4 already? Yikes!

Sonda in OR said...

I think I had these patterns once upon a time...maybe I still do. Whimsies! Like you I think I have one I started years ago, but never finished...hmmm, maybe I should. Yours look great, BTW.