Friday, December 26, 2008

Longstanding WiPs Completed

It's always good to complete a long standing goal. And these plastic ornaments were some of my longest WiPs.

Not only are these ornaments complete, but they have been given to their intended recipients. I was sorry to see the cat go, as this was my favorite one.

The cow might have been the best received, since my niece is crazy about cows and collects them in any format she can find them. I don't think she has one like this.

These next two pictures seem a bit washed out, but the colors are just as vibrant in person as the rest of the ornaments. This one was given to my brother-in-law who traditionally hands out the presents at Christmas.

The angel went to my very pregnant nephew's wife (who will also get the baby boy birth announcement as soon as the baby is born). She loves the quilt and the two bibs I made for their first child, so I promised to make her more bibs for this one.

These were handed out on Christmas Eve because my father called me and demanded that I head to Tampa, Florida immediately. Christmas is my mother-in-law's favorite day of the year and she was so much looking forward to have us home for the holidays. We were there for only a few days and left Christmas morning.


Laura said...

They are cute! And I agree that completing longstanding WIPs feels great :-).

mainely stitching said...

Congratulations on accomplishing these WIPs. I've tried plastic canvas and really appreciate the effort you put into these!!!!

Frontrange Stitcher said...

Nice finish! These are all charming and will be a great addition to your tree.

Wendy said...

These look very cute. It's nice when you have finished a longstanding project, it will look great in your christmastree.

Happy Holidays from Belgium,

Ruth said...

Love them! They turned out great!!!!

Angela said...

Wow I think you have just solved a problem for me, and created another. I was planning on making gift tags for my familys 2009 Xmas presents and wondering how to do it. I think plastic canvas may be the way to go.

Meari said...

Congrats on finishing them! They turned out great.