Friday, January 9, 2009

A Busy, Non-stitching Week

I guess when I have to work on a stitching project that I am not particularly fond of, I'd rather not stitch at all. I know I need to to finish this small birth announcement, but I'd rather clean the kitchen floor than stitch this! The tiny confetti stitches, the endless backstitching, and the pale colors are boring me to tears. This is how far I got before I got on a plane to San Francisco. At the end of the week I've only put in another hour on the backstitching. And I did that today on the plane to Seattle! I might finish this this weekend as I have a very light day on Sunday, but then again, I may just read.

Monday's flight to San Francisco was uneventful, but there were plenty of adventures when we got there. First the car battery completely gave out. We had to wait over an hour for AAA to come and get us because our car is in a locked commercial garage that they couldn't find. We drove to Oakland to pick up some postcards for James' show and decided that a side trip to Alameda was in order. I wanted to visit Needle in a Haystack that Edgar talks about so much and James wanted to visit a tiki bar called Forbidden Island. Unfortunately Alameda is closed on Monday, but we did buy a new car battery. We were so frustrated rather than eat there (and find another restaurant closed), we drove back to San Francisco and had a delightful meal at Lulu's, a great Mediterranean restaurant around the corner from our loft.

Tuesday and Wednesday we spent at MacWorld. It was a terrific show! We don't care if Apple didn't have any great announcements. We come for the small vendors who have specialist products for Macs and iPhones. First up on Tuesday was a live podcast of MacBreak Weekly. From the right, the host, Leo LaPorte, the regulars, Alex Lindsey, Andy Inhatko, Scott Bourne, Merlin Mann and two guests. I then found some sync software so that James and I can sync our iCal calendars, another sync program for our iTunes libraries, and a database to help me keep track of all my fonts.

On Wednesday I found some disk cleanup software, a portable backup battery for my iPhone, and a recipe database. I also did a standup promo video for, a great site that has training videos on every program you can imagine. Shooting the video was great fun. I guess I just miss my days in marketing. James and I also listened to a lecture by Scott Bourne, a noted wildlife photographer, on organizing and cataloging your digital images. He gave away this terrific print called Cranes in the Fire Mist.

Thursday was back to business. James had a board meeting of the Peninsula Art Museum. We got our hair done, then off to an interview with the architect who designed the loft in San Francisco. We would like to use him to design our new house in Henderson, but are concerned that he doesn't have much experience in designing for the desert. He has worked on houses in Hawaii and Seattle, so the distance doesn't bother him that much. We will interview a few more architects next week and try to make a final decision.

This morning we got up early and caught a plane for Seattle. James is Artist Guest of Honor for a small convention here. We hung his prints in the art show, had an early dinner, and went to Opening Ceremonies. Tomorrow we both have lots of panels that we are on. James has his Guest of Honor slide show. This is the first one that he has done and he is pretty excited about it. Sunday is pretty quiet for both of us, so I should get some stitching done. On Monday we are going to shop for glass in Seattle and catch a late flight back to Las Vegas. I hope everyone is having as fun a weekend as I am.


Chiloe said...

You sure had a busy week but at least, it was an excititng one ;-)

You have until the baby is born to complete your project, right? and two years after he's born !!! lol

Tracy said...

You did have a busy week, much better than mine. My last week of freedom before school starts back up and I was sick the ENTIRE week. I had plans of stitching, yoga classes, breakfast dates with friends...*sigh*

The dragon fly design that I've been working on for ages is my "I'd rather clean the kitchen floor then work on this" project. It irritates me.


Angela said...

That's sounds like a very hectic week.

It must be bad if you'd rather clean the floor than sew.

RuthB said...

Ok, let's hear all about that image orgainizing stuff! I could sure use the help!!!!