Saturday, January 17, 2009

Second Gable

One way to get your stitching mojo back is to stitch something that you really love. I really love The Cross-Eyed Cricket's Three Gables, so I sat down last night and started the second gable. I promised myself that I would return to A Gift of Love tonight. Maybe I need to rotate each day to make sure that I finish that baby announcement and not just stop stitching altogether. If I know I can come back to Three Gables, I won't stop stitching.

I wish I could stitch while watching television or movies as many of you do, but if I am watching, I am really involved in the story and I don't want to look down every minute or so to see where my needle has gone to. I might find it in my thumb rather than my fabric! At least I do have my iPod and plenty of podcasts. I also have some audiobooks that I am planning to listen to next weekend. My husband will be in San Francisco from Thursday to Monday, so I am planning on some concentrated stitching and sewing time.


Daffycat said...

This is such a lovely design...I will enjoy watching yours grow!

I can only watch something I'm really familiar with or I will forget to watch or forget to stitch, or end up with frogs.

Von said...

I like to listen to podcasts too, altho I most often stitch while "watching" television. What podcasts do you enjoy, Kathryn?

Angela said...

Pleased to hear your stitching mojo is back.

Like you I can't watch TV and sew although if its sport on TV I sometimes do both as replays mean I can always look up when the noise tells me there is something worth watching.

RuthB said...

Hi Kathryn!!!! Go Gables! It's looking great. I don't know what you mean about not being able to stitchin and watch TV... errr... wait, it was just last year that I found out that NCIS actually put names on their episodes. lol I was always looking at my stitching and never noticed them before :)