Friday, January 16, 2009

This is NOT a Friday Only Blog

Though so far this year, the only day I have posted has been Friday. Maybe this is because we have been so busy with other projects or maybe it is because I still don't want to stitch this birth sampler. I did add a few more stitches and a lot of backstitching on the flights to and from Seattle, but I haven't picked it up again since we got home late Monday. Instead we have been watching Netflix and catching up with the television shows on our DirecTv DVR. I swear I will stitch some more this weekend, but then again I thought I would stitch today and I haven't.

I am constantly amazing at all the great knitting going on. I'd love to take it up, but there wouldn't be much chance to wear it at all. Today the temperature hit 70 degrees. I don't suppose we will have any more lows in the 30s for the rest of winter. So I have hung up my coat for this season and soon I will put away all my heavy sweaters. I have some, but I only wear them for a few weeks or if we travel back east. It's not quite tshirt weather yet, but it will be here next month, especially when we go to Hawaii. We finally will be free to go February 10th and will be able to stay two weeks.

Before we go I hope we have choosen an architect and a contractor for the new house. So far we have two great contractoring companies. Both of them are experienced and terrific people to work with. It's going to be hard to choose. But we still don't have an architect. The best one we have found so far is one we used before in San Francisco. That's a long commute. The ones in Las Vegas, so far, have been visionless or inexperienced. We hope to get another few interviews in the next two weeks. Meanwhile we should be getting passes to the International Builders' Show here in Las Vegas. Whee! I love looking at windows and tile and granite and flooring, but I can skip the hammers, nails, and saws!


Angela said...

Isn't it a pain when your hearts not really in a project.

drea_dear said...

You got quite a few stitches in - focus on the progress you're making.

BTW, we have the DirecTV DVR, too, and I do most of my stitching while I watch. It's a pain if I'm watching Heroes or something with subtitles, because I have to stop stitching to read the screen, lol!

stitcherw said...

Cute piece, but I can see where it would be not as much fun with the confetti stitches and back stitch (both of which I hate even though I do appreciate what the add to a design). Hopefully it goes smoothly and you can get it finished quicker than you think. It is no fun working on a project you dislike. What fun project do you have planned for when it is done? As to my BRD piece, I'm not doing it on the 40 ct. it was designed on. While I love the look of that fine of a count, it is way to tiring on my eyes. I wanted something fun and more relaxing, so am using a 32 ct.

mainely stitching said...

LOL - Isn't it funny how our habits show through? (In regard to the Friday blogging.)