Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I remembered putting this design away because of all the silver tinsel that needed to be stitched, but there is probably not just one reason that a project becomes a UFO. The first thing that I noticed when I opened the project jacket is that the needle that came with the kit must be size 22 EXTRA HUGE. Since I have been using Size 26 Petites for almost a year now on every project, this needle looked as big as a crochet hook. Did I really stitch with this? Then I took a look at the Q-snaps. I had the project on 11 inch square Q-snaps, but they were holding the fabric in place by the bare edges. Why didn't I use smaller Q-snaps?

And last, but not least, this is a very thin and loose linen which was slipping badly in the Q-snaps. When I substituted the 8" by 11" Q-snaps that I was using for Three Gables and added strips of some unknown red fabric under the Q-snaps, all of a sudden the fabric is now taunt and the stitching is much easier. There still remains one minor problem. Essentially this design only has four colors. Right now I am only stitching silver or ecru until I finish the top of the ribbon and can continue on with more wreath. There are only a dozen or so red berries left to do, so they will probably be added last. I will keep stitching on this tonight, but I might be moving on to something else tomorrow.

Of course, tomorrow I should be assembling and installing the closet shelves for the guest room. Although we have had this house in Maui for almost two years now, we spend just a few weeks here at a time. That means that some of the time is spent just catching up on needed projects (why is the movie projector without power? Oh, first buy a taller ladder to reach the attic access hole in the office closet. Then climb in the attic and remove the broken surge protector. Measure the office windows for blinds, then order them, even though we won't get them before we leave again. Ah, a project for the next trip.) And some of the time is just spent looking at the sunset. It's sometimes hard to be productive when the sun is shining or the hot tub beckons. When you never have an actual weekend or a real vacation, some days just slip away.

Our major project over the last week isn't even in Maui. Since we hired Bob Sherman as our architect for our new house in Nevada just over a week ago, he has been a working fiend. Almost every morning we have new drawings for the house. Amazingly enough, except for one small inharmonious corner, we have probably done the major room layouts. This is incredibly fast work. Of course it helps that we knew exactly what rooms we wanted and he saw the rooms we have now. It was more a matter of getting them all fitted onto the lot, than deciding if we wanted an extra bedroom or a library.

If I want to get anything done here in Maui, I better get more active tomorrow. We leave again for the mainland on Tuesday. We can probably be back again in April, but nothing is settled yet.


Front Range Stitcher said...

Okay Kathryn, I'm turning green again. Maui? Where do I sign up? It sounds so fabulous, stitching in Maui. I like your Christmas UFO, you'll be done in no time at all and on to something with Mele Kalikimaka on it! Have a chocolate covered macademia nut for me!

Chiloe said...

Great you had time to relax in very nice place ;-) I went to Hawaii but don't know Maui.

I love your UFO. I don't know the finished piece but I really like the WIP.

Anna van Schurman said...

I love your Noel piece. It's going to be gorgeous when it's done!

Jennifer said...

Oh, I think I could get pretty distracted in Hawaii too.

Angela said...

Sounds like your having fun.