Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two Fish

and a couple dozen more bubbles. I could have posted this Monday, if I had finished the last six stitches on the bottom fish. When I went to turn on the light next to my stitching chair on Sunday evening, the light bulb blew out and the second bulb wouldn't turn on either. Trying to investigate the problem during daylight on Monday, we found that the entire circuit had tripped when the light burned out, so the second bulb wasn't really bad too, but just without electricity. Now there is a temporary bulb (not the daylight bulb I had) in the lamp and I finished up those last few stitches. I also started the two dozen satin stitched circles on the next applique, the octopus. I should finish him up today, but it will probably take a day more to stitch him to the blanket. He has a LONG silhouette.

Artemise asked about the name of the kit. It is from Dimensions, 2007, Lil' Tots Felt Applique, Under the Sea Blanket, #73381, to be finished as a 28" x 40" blanket. It was on sale at Michael's so I paid less than half of the retail price. Angela thought this project seems like a lot of work, but it's really about the time and complexity of a medium sized cross stitch project. Maybe I won't think that after I start to completely edge the blanket in green buttonhole stitches. But the applique stitches and the buttonhole stitches so far have been relaxing. Certainly easier than over one or 40 count linen.

I'm sorry I alarmed Donna with the name of my last post. It's odd how we pick up words and phrases from friends and popular culture. I have a close friend who adds "of Doom" to almost any project, no matter how small, which was not as easy as it looked at first glance. It could be the Saucepan of Doom that was hard to clean or the Car of Doom that had not been uncluttered in six months. I guess the word, doom, isn't as dreadful to me as it once was.

When I am not stitching or reading, we have been watching DVDs of The West Wing. We are almost done with season two. It's amazing how wonderful the dialogue is. Even if you are not terribly interested in politics, it's wonderful watching adults interacting and working at real jobs. It's odd how few adults there are on television and how few of them seem to have real jobs or juggle the personal and professional.


drea_dear said...

I still think this is cute.

I have a friend who says her daughter has "cheeks of doom" (they're not as pronounced as they used to be), so I completely understood your reference. And I would feel the same way about so many satin stitch bubbles!

And I loved the West Wing, up until Aaron Sorkin left and they went into the new election thing - they lost me then. The dialog is so tight, and the pace is amazing. There are not many shows like it right now - for me the closest is probably Life.

Donna said...

Ah. Now I have it and will probably incorporate the "of doom" model myself. LOL

Renee said...

Ha ha! I use the term "doom" a lot too! When my ex and I were married (and just so not[?] coincidentally when LOTR came out as movies and we were rereading the books) we used to call the cats the "Cats of Doom" all the time!

Maren said...

That blanket is just too darn cute! And I love the title you gave it: Circles of Doom, lol. I'd probably feel the same way about stitching in all those bubbles, not to mention all those buttonhole stitches!

Anonymous said...
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RuthB said...

Ah ha! How cute. Have fun with ALL that! :)