Sunday, March 29, 2009

When Stitching Fails

I knew the thirty plus satin circles on the octopus would be a challenge. I just didn't know it would be a challenge that I would do anything else to avoid. I started the first few circles with great intent, only to allow Real Life to interrupt me at every turn. Even when I tried to distract myself with the easy green running stitch, I couldn't go back to the circles.

Instead I watched even more episodes of The West Wing. We are almost through the fourth year. I read dozens of books (as you can see on the book list on my sidebar). We opened escrow on the property we are going to build on, had our first design review (the HOA loves the design, but the retaining walls are going to be a problem), and fought the picayune Compliance Department at our stockbrokers to actually get the money transferred to the escrow agent. Yes, we now own the property.

We also flew to San Francisco to hang our annual photography foundation show. After three years of hanging some pretty avant garde figurative photography, the museum director decided to ban two pieces in the show this year. To not disappoint one of the grant winners who was flying down from Portland and the other nineteen artists in the show, we decided to hang the show anyway and purchase the banned art. We will not return to this venue again, but will find a temporary space in Las Vegas to hang the show next year along with these two banned pieces. We will meet with our foundation lawyer tomorrow and fly to Maui on Tuesday.

So why didn't I just find something else to stitch? Because of guilt. The boy this is being stitched for was born on January 1, 2009. I don't want him to be too big to use this blanket before I get a chance to finish it. I have a few projects that I started for his father when he was small that never got sent! But I was not silly enough to have Under the Sea as the only stitching project that I brought with me. I spent a couple of hours stitching Three Gables last night. I will be working on it again tonight and will have a progress picture for you tomorrow. I also bought another Bent Creek sheep for the airplane trips to and from Maui. This one is Life is Good. And so it is. Problems come up, but we just Do the Right Thing and move on. I hope your life is the same.


Angela said...

I can see why those circles would be a nightmare. How about do a few then reward yourself with a something more enjoyable. That's the way I tackle those jobs I have come top dread.

RuthB said...

Banned? What's with that? Sheesh.

Ok, I need to know about this octopus blanket. He's awfully cte, but I'm certain the circles would kill my enthusiasm too.