Saturday, April 25, 2009

Animal Quackers

Yes, I did finish this adorable sheep a couple of days ago, but although I had a picture ready yesterday, we were interrupted in our routines by a not exactly pleasant surprise.

Because we are not always here, when we are gone, the local ducks think that our pool is a perfect mating pond. When we are here we do all we can to shoo them off to the more duck friendly venues of the water ponds along the nearby golf course. A couple of years ago I had to rescue a dozen ducklings by myself. This entailed getting in the freezing pool water, lifting the ducklings with a plastic pool skimmer into a rubbermaid tub and releasing them in a pond about 100 yards away from our house. It really would be cruel to leave them in the pool because the lip of the pool is too high to allow the ducklings to get out of the pool once they are in there. And I have no idea if there is actually anything that ducks eat in our yard.

This rescue was a lot easier with my husband at home. We both chased them into a small cove. James used the skimmer to lift them into the tub that I was holding close by. He did have to catch the last one by hand, but instead of three hours in the cold pool, it only took us 30 minutes to get the ducks corralled and no one had to get into the pool! Now the tricky part of guiding the mother duck to the pond. There was no way that we were actually going to catch her. We drove around the wall at the back of the pool and enticed her to fly over the wall. Then James walked 60 yards to the pond and made sure that the mother duck could hear the ducklings peeping. Once she figured out where they were it took her only seconds to round them up and herd them over to some shubbery near the water. Rescue complete!

After that it was on to our scheduled items for yesterday. For the next three weekends there is a houses tour available called Parade of Homes. Our media company for the new house gave us free passes, so we needed to go over to the other side of town to pick them up and see the first six houses. Although these are large and lavish houses, there is not a single one I would trade of the design of our new house. We did get a few tips about finishes and cool lights, but overall, I have better taste than most of the designers. Few of the houses are at all practical. Today we are home doing chores, but tomorrow we will see the last six houses. James is in Seattle next weekend and unexpectedly in Maui the weekend after that. So it is see them now or never. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Doris said...

cute sheep.

congratulations for the succesful rescue of the ducks. (they look so cute)

Daffycat said...

***yay*** for ducklings! How cute! I can see why you wouldn't want them in your pool though. Great job moving them.

Love, love, love that sweet sheep!

Sharon said...

Such a cute finish!

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Congratulations on finishing the sheep! She's cute!

Loved the story about the ducklings! By the way, we have geese at work. They get crazy for obvious reasons early in the season and than we have families all over the place. It's a hoot watching them walk all over while their eating as they combine family groups. Geese Day Care!

Windy Meadow

RuthB said...

I love the duck parade! Do you think maybe they like the taste of chlorine?

Congrats on the new sheep. He looks grand.