Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life Is Good...if You Are A Two Legged Sheep

For the first time evar, I have run out of a thread in a Bent Creek kit. There was only one six strand thread of Onyx in this kit. It is stitched three over 2 on 25 count linen. I was a little worried when I stitched the head and the L, i, and only had three strands left for four legs and the rest of the banner. After two legs and f,e,i,s,g,o,o, the thread was gone. Mmmm. Usually there is a lot of thread left over in these kits. At least a strand or two. In checking The Black Sheep kit, there was also a lot of Onyx. Did I dare to borrow some from the other kit? Well, heck, yes! As a matter of fact I finished stitching this last night, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to see the finished design. Like all Bent Creek sheep, it is very cute.

Meanwhile we are still working on the new house. The plans are done, done, done, including the entirely redesigned kitchen. But that still leaves the choosing of the general contractor. Our architect wants us to choose someone as soon as possible, so that the contractor can check the plans before they are submitted. We are down to two; one company that is a bit smaller, but who is our realtor's favorite and who has been talking to us since January. The other is the architect's favorite, but who has never built a house in our new community and who might resent the commute from the other side of town. We will have a meeting with the architect's contractor tomorrow afternoon and show him the lot. Then we will decide.

I have to decide what to work on next. We will be going to Lexington, Kentucky, at the end of June, so that is the new deadline for Under the Sea. Which means that I can stitch something else for a couple of weeks. I was going to go back to Hawaiian Mandala, but with the contractor coming over tomorrow, I don't want dozens of thread packs scattered all over the living room. I'll probably go back to Three Gables for a week. Next Thursday my husband will be in Seattle for a week, so I can spread out then.


RuthB said...

Hey, if the contractor is offended by thread he can take a hike.

That's a fine looking 2-legged sheep! You can be proud.

mainely stitching said...

Good luck getting all the housing plans sorted. That stuff is just such a hassle, but of course once it's done ... hooray! :D

Love that 2-legged sheep! LOL!

Chiloe said...

Great you got your plans finished !!! It's already a big step ;-) HOpe you get the best contractor for the house ;-)

The sheep looks nice :-)

Jennifer said...

I imagine with the housing market the way it is, the contractor won't mind sucking up the commute to get the job.