Sunday, April 5, 2009

More Sheep

Yes, this is another Bent Creek Sheep kit. This is called Life is Good. I love these sheep and I love spirals, so this is the perfect project for me. I started this on the plane to Maui last Tuesday and have been working on it a bit while I have been here. I am going to put it down again to work on something else, but I will stitch on it again during the plane ride back to the mainland on Wednesday. I should also have time to finish it in April, which is good, because I haven't had a finish in a while.

Thank you all for your kind comments on Three Gables. For those of you who love the color of the roof, it is Weeks Dye Works, Basil, a lovely blend of green and purple. I am so enamored of those muted colors that I am trying to figure out how to paint my new studio in those shades also. It's a big room, so painting it entirely purple is probably not the way to go. Right now Three Gables is my favorite piece to stitch, but I really should get back to Under the Sea. And I will pick up Under the Sea again, just as soon as we get back from having some sushi for dinner.


mainely stitching said...

Mmmm. Sushi. Mmmmm.

Love your spiral sheep. There's something very appealing about that combination, isn't there. :)

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

I've been reading though not commenting...

I've enjoyed all of your recent posts and the progress you've been making on your projects. I'm also looking forward to seeing your house as it's built. :-)

Windy Meadow

RuthB said...

Finishing? What's that? lol

Love the sheep and I hope HI is treating you well.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sigh... Maui I'm tired of the cold, spring seems to be real slow to get here this year.

Nice little start on your sheepie!