Thursday, April 16, 2009

Slowly I Stitch

stitch by stitch, inch by inch... or maybe not. A few more lines of wool and three green stars. That's all I have done. I have probably only spent about an hour stitching in the last week. I know I have slowed down drastically since instead of looking for more new podcasts to listen to I am now over six weeks behind in listening to my main podcasts, Marketplace, Buzz Out Loud, This Week in Tech, and MacBreak Weekly. I keep trying to catch up, but am falling further and further behind. Six weeks in the tech world is almost a lifetime anywhere else. The tech issues have been hashed and rehashed on the internet by the time I hear about it on an elderly podcast. Possibly I can catch up a week or two this weekend. My husband will be at a local convention starting tomorrow afternoon and I will be at home without a car.

I wish I could say that I was diligently working on the house during this slow stitching period, but actually there hasn't been much for us to do. The architect has been feverishly working on the retaining walls in order to get final HOA permitting this Friday. If anything I had to trash the bar and pantry area in the new house plan, because no matter how I configured the kitchen, there simply wasn't enough room for everything. If I can get four more feet in the kitchen I should be happy with it all. Instead of stitching, I have been reading and watching The West Wing. I think I will have to be happy with getting only half of my yearly goals done this year.


Front Range Stitcher said...

Slowly I stitch! LOL! I haven't thought of that great movie line for years. Wasn't Costello in a jail cell with the criminally insane? And the hypnotic cue Pokomoko? I hope you remember this or your readers will think I've lost my mind. :) Glad you're enjoying life and not too worried about the house.

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Sometime it's harder to stitch no matter what we do!

Glad to hear that the house project is coming along.

By the way, Thursday at my LNS I picked up a sheep! It's Bent Sheep's "The Black Sheep". He is soooo cute! :-)

Windy Meadow

RuthB said...

I humbly submit that 2009 is The Year of Slow Stitching.

Good luck catching up on the tech and your continuing adventures in creating the perfect house!