Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sometimes the old cliches are the best. But it is true that if you apply your fundament to a chair and work, things get done. I stitched this much last night and I plan to get the rest done today. There is just a bit more wool, head, feet and the banner yet to do.

As a ruthlessly pragmatic person, I believe that it is not what you hope to do, but what you actually accomplish that matters. I would like to stitch more. I would like to sew more, but I am realistic about my goals and energy. My last boss maintained that what you do in life is what is important to you. If something else was more important, you would have done that instead. I know we all have dreams of learning a language or playing an instrument or other accomplishments, but to be realistic, if these goals were important, we would do them. My stitching is important, but I probably won't become a designer and I probably won't stitch more than ten things every year. This is not stopping me from buying more kits and patterns (yes, I have a new Bent Creek sheep, The Black Sheep), but someday soon I will have to start really focusing on the kits and patterns that I will realistically finish in the next couple of years.

On a lighter note, some of you may have recognized the title of the last post. Yes, it is from an old vaudeville routine used by Abbott and Costello and The Three Stooges in their movies. It involves a post hypnotic suggestion. When an unsuspecting person says the key phrase (for the Three Stooges it was Niagara Falls!), the hypnotized person says, "Niagara Falls! Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch..." and then attacks. As a kid, we used the phrase frequently, but usually drew the line at any attack.


RuthB said...

Fundament to chair. Must put fundament chair. :)

Thank you as always for the inspiration and the philosophy.

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Yes we recognize the title as my DH and DS love to do that skit though they both stop just shy of attacking! LOL!!!

The sheep is looking good!

I also agree with that philosophy as you do accomplish what you want to. :-)

My fundament did not get attached to my chair for too long this weekend. Lot's of kid stuff going on right now and that has the priority. :-)

Windy Meadow

Laura said...

I've had my eye on this little sheep for a while now. Will have to get him for myself some day. Can't wait to see yours all stitched up!