Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Windows

I am still enjoying stitching this pattern. I love the fabric (stiff and dense) and the threads (WDW and DMC). It's just that the next bit is rows and rows and rows of WDW Bark, Bark, and more Bark. I'm thinking about skipping around to the bottom, which is mostly confetti stitching of autumn leaves. When I go back to the rows of Bark, I will probably be happy to have an area where I won't have to count every stitch so carefully.

Actually I am planning on stitching this only for two more days. My husband leaves for Seattle and Maui on Thursday afternooon and I'm going to return to Hawaiian Mandala for a few weeks. I can spread out all those threads without worrying about cleaning them up again every day.

Now that the floorplan of the house is finished, we are thinking about the finishes for the new house. Yesterday we went to Walker Zanger to look at marble and granite. There is so much lovely rock there that I almost want to design another house to fit it all in. Still, I think we have found rock for the bar (Eutruscan Fossil with a lot more fossils than shown in this picture), the kitchen (Oro Prieto), the guest bath (Mettallic) and the powder room (Ponte Vechicco Antiqued). I tend to go for really wild, textured rock, so I may change my mind about putting Portofino (blue, green, and white large swirls) in the master bath. That my be a little too much to wake up to.


Jennifer said...

LOVE that fossil slab! So cool!

RuthB said...

Lovely windows and I hope the leaf plan works to ease the boredom of row after row after row of Bark! I really, really hope it works.

Love the fossil!!!!!! Dang, I'd never want to cook because I'd just stare at the counters. lol

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Love the fossil slab!

I've also smaller sections of these right behind ranges or framed over a mantel.

I'd mix it up with some leaves, some house, some leaves, some house and before you know it, it will all be done!

Windy Meadow

Angela said...

Both hopuses seem to be coming along well.

You definately seem to be at the fun part of designing the new house.