Friday, May 22, 2009

Are Designers Crazy?

We have all, from time to time, made changes to patterns. Maybe we changed the fabric or a couple of threads that we didn't like the colors of. Maybe we changed a motif or two. But on very Big A** Projects, I tend to do as the pattern says. Do you see that lonely single blue stitch at the valley of the black and gold stitches? There were four of them in Part One. They were slightly a pain to stitch because there wasn't any of that color very near the single stitch. But I was good and stitched them. I should have looked ahead.

If you look at the bottom of this picture you will see a V of the same colored stitches now nestled in the valley of the gold and black stitches. Why was that single stitch charted in Part One? Why couldn't we have stitched this all in Part Two? Are designers crazy? From now on I will look ahead. And in Part Two there is a group of four stitches in a color not used anywhere else in this Part at the top of the motif that are really a motif in Part Three. So I will wait until Part Three to stitch them. Craziness! But other than this revelation, the rest of the stitching is going well. I still want to stitch this all the time and did make good progress before I left for San Francisco.

I decided not to take anything to stitch on the plane since it is such a short flight. I probably wouldn't have stitched anything anyway since we got into a conversation with a well traveled gentleman from Munich, Germany, who was sitting next to us. We talked about a variety of our experiences around the world and the time simply raced by. For my traveling stitching I took Three Gables.

I haven't stitched on it yet though, because I have been spending all my time trying to get our Airport Express wireless connection to work again. I have given up, which means just to get these pictures on my blog I had to use "sneaker net" to transfer the images from my laptop (which has the latest copy of Photoshop but no internet connection) to this desktop computer (which has an old copy of Photoshop and a flaky internet connection). Strangely enough I will have a better internet connection in our hotel room in Santa Clara over the next three days! We did visit the convention briefly to get my husband's artwork hung in the artshow and to say hello to various friends. We came back to The City because I want to visit the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market tomorrow morning. Then we will head back to Santa Clara and spend the next three days at the convention. I hope everyone is having a wonderful (or at least restful) weekend.


Donna said...

It's not that the designer is crazy. Just usually up against a deadline and running out of time to be as thorough as possible on cleaning up the directions. She'd have caught that little glitch if she had stitched it from the chart herself. It does pay to look ahead, especially with charted canvaswork.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Yes, I think "crazy" is a prerequisite to becoming a designer. Enjoy your trip, CJ ok;-)

Anna van Schurman said...

Maybe it was a way of anchoring the other pattern? It probably should have been grayed* so you'd know not to stitch until later. *Is that a word? You know what I mean?

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

From what I've heard, Martina doesn't actually stitch or have her designs stitched prior to the online class. The first "real" picture is when one of her students completes a piece and posts a picture.

I've purchased several of her designs when they have been published after the class. The charts are just the large square of the design cut into sections. It also looks like for each section, she overlaps the previous chart by two stitches in all of the connecting directions.

Your project is just beautiful and I love those colors!

Windy Meadow

gio162 said...

Great stitching! Yeah I know, it's infuriating when that happens... I've had the habit of looking ahead for a long time now, with Martina's designs.

Meari said...

Makes you wonder "What were they thinking??"