Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Looks Familiar, Eh?

I know this looks a lot like the last motif on the right, but this is actually the left motif finished. If you had ESP (Extra Stitchery Perception), you might notice that there are five stitches on the top of the pineapple crown (under the black longstitching) that are actually DinkyDyes Midnight rather than NPI's Black. Each crown has different colored stitches to go with the parts that are stitched above the crown.

I did rotate the fabric in the Q-Snaps to be able to stitch the last two motifs and started on the pineapple crown on the bottom motif. But after a couple of stitches of silk perle, I called it a night. I might get that bottom motif done today, as all the other stitching is done. But I still have most of the top motif to finish, including the picky, but not too hard Jessica stitches. I hope to finish all of Part Two and start on Part Three in the next week. That is pretty much all the time I will have to work on this. A week from Thursday starts our summer travel schedule.

First we will fly to San Francisco for a week to attend BayCon, a science fiction convention that we have been attending since it started in 1983. On June 20 we fly back east to see James' mother and attend a SF relaxacon (just friends and lots of card games, no programming) called Midwestcon. We have been going to this convention for decades. It's lots of fun, especially since there is a group of stitchers who attend and a LNS to visit. Whoo Hoo! Fourth of July weekend is Westercon in Phoenix and the first week of August is Worldcon in Montreal. James' sixtieth birthday is in September and he wants to go "somewhere special", but he can't decide where to go. The travel schedule winds down a bit with Loscon over Thanksgiving, Smofcon in Austin, Texas, the first weekend of December, and family Christmas in Lexington, Kentucky. Somewhere in there I am sure are one or two trips to Maui. For those of you with summer travel plans, I hope the flights are uneventful and the places you go are all enjoyable.


Tracy said...

Do you go to Austin often? We are thinking about relocating after I finish the Master's degree...

Front Range Stitcher said...

Well Kathryn sounds like you'll be in the air for the next several months. Have a wonderful Summer and keep us posted on your travels. This piece is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing it as you progress.

Von said...

You have lots of traveling fun planned for the year! Looking forward to tagging along via your blog posts and pictures. :)

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Have fun with all of your traveling, especially since there will be a LNS to visit! :-)

Windy Meadow