Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bark, Bark, Bark!

Since all four generations of the family were having dinner at my sister-in-laws house, I decided to take Three Gables along and just stitch on the parts needing Weeks Dye Works Bark. Not much counting and certainly no color changes. I finished the right part of the bottom gable and filled in another row in the middle. I also started on the left side of the house. After I got back from dinner I stitched the right door frame.

To treat myself (from the endless Bark), I finished the right bottom window and the door window this morning. I'd like to finish most of the bottom of the house this evening, but that might be a little ambitious. Again most of the family is going out to dinner together except for my nephew and his wife and children. They get to endure, I mean enjoy, a birthday party for a 3 year old at Chuck E. Cheese. Meanwhile we will be eating good New Orleans fish at The Ketch.


staci said...

I am really loving this project! Keep up the great stitching!!!

Angela said...

It's looking really great.

Chiloe said...

Chuck a cheese and their big scary mouse !!! lol Sure you didn't want to go ? lol

This piece is beautiful ;-)