Saturday, June 27, 2009

LNS: Sharonville, Ohio

I like going to a convention called Midwestcon in Cincinnati. It is a small convention (just over 100) without programming (a relaxacon). Many people play cards (Wizards) or talk or plan future SF conventions, but there are a small group of us who cross stitch (and more knitters all the time). On Saturday many of us head over to this charming framing and cross stitch store called Keepsakes. It is in an old house that is floor to ceiling filled with beautifully framed cross stitch. Most of it is traditional cross stitch, so there are tons (and I do mean tons) of samplers and primitives. I never manage to just look, but always find something that I just have to buy.

This is the stairway to the second floor. You have to step carefully as there are charts on the steps and in the hallway. Three rooms upstairs are filled with charts and more framed pieces and the fourth room is filled with every color of every brand of thread (and accessory) that you might want or need. Because the stitched pieces are so charming, I always see things I want that I might not have noticed by only seeing the chart. This time I was particularly taken with a chart from Raise the Roof called Charmed Sampler which lets you attach as many charms as you want. Now I can get my lovely charms out of their boxes and show them off. I also got Hooked on Tea from Handblessings, a chart I had not seen before. Since I don't drink coffee, I was glad to see something about my favorite drink. I couldn't resist a Homespun Elegance pattern called Witches Stitch, Too!!

Although I was taken by these charts, don't worry. I have been working away on Three Gables. One of the non-stitchers in the group was admiring it and thought that I was almost done. I wish I was, but there is a ton of confetti stitching at the bottom that will take a long time. Still I have stitched more this last week that I have the previous month. It's good to see one of my goals on the way to completion.


Bronny said...

Part of me wishes that I'd completed enough stitching to show it all off by crowding the walls like that! Part of me wishes there were specialty cross-stitch stores in this part of the world to visit. Oh drool. I look forward to watching your progress on all of your projects.

Pam said...

Glad you enjoy Keepsakes when you're in town. It's my only LNS now (we used to have 3 others, including Ruth Sparrow's).