Monday, June 1, 2009

Lumpy Circles

Yes, I have finished all the satin stitch circles on the octopus. There are a few more on the turtle, but only a few. I have also cut out the octupus, so I see I have a few days of applique stitching in front of me. He has a very long outline!

The satin circles were not the only circles I needed to finish before I appliqued the octopus. I had to back stitch all the bubbles around the octopus, too. At least I will be over half finished when the octopus is appliqued. There is only a small fish and a medium sized turtle left to do. Good! Although there is also buttonhole stitching to complete around the entire blanket, I should be finished well before the 20th. Then I just have to frame the baby sampler (Gift of Love) and I will have two presents for my nephew's new son.

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Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Looks great, love the colors and can't wait to see it all done. CJ ok;-)