Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Presents FAIL!

I was overly optimistic. Although I did stitch most of the turtle, I didn't finish him. I didn't finish the border and I didn't frame the baby announcement. Technology got in the way. My husband's very old G3 MacBook has about given up the ghost. Since I use a laptop much more than he does (he edits his photography on a 30" screen), it was time for me to get an updated MacBook Pro and to give him my older MacBook Pro. Here is the old machine (on the left) being cloned into the new machine (on the right). Although I don't like the keyboard quite as well on the new machine, I do have to say that the new machine is blazingly fast and has tremendous battery life. So between working on odds and ends of the new house, tidying up the old house, and packing for our trip back east, nothing was stitched last week. I'll just have to send them the finished stitching after I get back.

Which is not to say that I have given up on stitching altogether. On the contrary, since I have no computer access at my mother-in-law's 19th century home (wired telephones, no computers or internet), I don't have much to do except stitch. I stitched this much of Bent Creek Winter Sheep on our two flights to Lexington, Kentucky. This was remarkably wonderful trip. I was worried about racing from Gate B16 to Gate B92 at Denver airport. It's about a mile and a half. But we had just started out when a great tram driver apparently saw my exhaustion (I do not do well at high altitudes) and offered both of us a tram ride to the other end of the terminal. He could only take us to B60 as the rest of the gates are down an escalator, but after riding for a mile, the quarter mile walk was a breeze. We also were upgraded to first class on both flights. I guess being a million mile traveler on United does have some status. And the best miracle of all was getting our luggage. The last three trips here all resulting in delayed (but not lost) luggage.

After a small start on Saturday, I stitched quite a lot on Sunday and got this much done. I could have trundled right through to the end, but I had to remind myself to save a bit for the trip back. I have brought Three Gables with me, so I will work on that Real Soon Now.

Yeah, I guess I really couldn't stop at that. Last night I did this much more, but really, I did stop! This morning I took out Three Gables and stitched more Bark, Bark, Bark! We have dinner at my sister-in-law's this evening; eight adults and two children (my nephew's). I'll bring Three Gables to work on while everyone is talking. This will probably be my last post until possibly Friday or Saturday. We will drive up to Sharonville, Ohio (near Cincinnati) for a convention in a hotel with internet access (FINALLY). Every time I stay at my mother-in-law's I swear that next time I will stay in a hotel instead, but I really do like her and wouldn't want to make her unhappy. I haven't had enough access to post comments from my iPhone, but I have been reading everyone's blog postings, so keep stitching everyone. I really love your projects.

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Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Happy new computer. Your BC sheep looks great and I look forward to a Three Gables update. Enjoy your visit. CJ ok;-)