Saturday, July 25, 2009


If I had spent as much time on Bowled Over as I have on Postcard from Paradise, Bowled Over would be finished. But from the minute I got home, I have been working on Postcard from Paradise. Maybe it is all the small motifs. It is so easy to say, "Just one more letter. Just one more fish". Although the design is supposed to be 8" by 8 1/2", it is probably just a hair bigger as it doesn't quite fit in my 11" by 11" Q-Snaps. So next I am going to try to finish off the top row and the left hand side before moving on to the bottom right hand corner. My goal for this weekend is to get half of the 90 boxes filled. I'm glad I am substituting some of the threads. There is an octopus stitched in Frosted Sage below the N, but the threads looks white to me. No Frost, no Sage. I used Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid in silver instead of Frosted Sage for the middle of the sunglasses and I'm going to use it again for an anchor at the bottom. I think I will change to a light gray DMC for the shell to be stitched in Frosted Sage, though I am not going to frog the octopus. He will remain a ghost octopus.

The trip back from Maui was uneventful. I did stitch some on Bowled Over, which I will probably get back to when Postcard is finished. Our niece had a memorable trip including a drive around the island past Hana and jumping into the ocean off Black Rock. She snorkeled and saw a lot of fish. Her family is not very adventurous. I don't think she would have thought to come on her own without us asking her to come. And she certainly wouldn't have come on her own without family. My husband and I had hitched hiked around the US and lived in New Zealand for two years by the time we were her age. We took every opportunity for adventure, though we never managed to hitch a ride on a cargo ship as we had planned before we got married.

We are still waiting for our building permit. Meanwhile we are meeting with vendors and making lots of decisions. We had a great meeting with a flooring company on Thursday and are zeroing in on the design of the master bedroom and bathroom. Although I wanted a slightly bluer theme, it looks like once again the master bedroom and bath will be mostly green, including glass countertops on the vanities. On Tuesday we will talk to a cabinet vendor. Before we leave for Montreal, we really should get a pool subcontrator, too. The first thing that will be built will be the retaining walls and foundations. We need to be sure that the pool has all the underground piping put in. But it is only Saturday now, so back to stitching.


Sharon said...

that looks great! It's one of my favorites too.

Pumpkin said...

Wow! You really did put a good dent in this one :o)