Monday, July 27, 2009

Over Halfway

Yes, there are now 46 finished squares (and two started, but not completed). But I can feel my interest waning. Maybe it's because I really don't like stitching 1 over 2. Maybe it's the too pale colors. If you look at the island next to the T you will see that the "sand" is really more pale pinky beige than sand colored. That's 12 Grain from Crescent Colours. I'm supposed to stitch two sand castles in that color, but I'm going to substitute a deeper tan. So after this post, I'm off to my stash to find a darker grey (for a seashell) and a darker tan for the castles.

I'll try to stick with this stitching this week, but we do have several interviews with vendors. We are seeing two different cabinet makers on Tuesday and Thursday. Generally it's better to have plenty of vendors to choose from, but I like both of these guys a lot. So it is going to be difficult for me to tell one of them that they did not get the job. But in between meetings, I will get in what stitching I can.


Anna van Schurman said...

I guess you could say that little palm tree is in Bermuda. If I were you I'd stitch a black beach.

sudukc said...

This was one of those "ah-ha" moments. I am going to refer people to your blog today. I think you info on threads is worth spreading the news.