Friday, July 10, 2009


I started out looking for something small to stitch on the planes. I decided on several Mill Hill Kitchen Collection kits, but they come with 14 count Aida and I hate Aida. So looking through my fabric drawers I picked out a white 28 count Monaco with enough fabric for four kits. While I was looking for the 28 count fabric I ran across the 36 count antique white Edinburgh and the threads that I got a couple of months ago for Blue Ribbon Designs Postcards from Paradise. I had the fabric, I had the threads, but I could not find the pattern. That led to a lot of rummaging around in various boxes. By the time I found it (and picked out some fabric for Raise the Roof's Hang Ten), there was nothing left but for me to start the pattern I had spent all that time searching for. Besides stitching this in Maui seems so appropriate. I washed and ironed the Postcards from Paradise fabric and "borrowed" the Q-snaps from Three Gables. I was ready to stitch.

I have never stitched on fabric as small as 36 count. The model was done on 40 count one strand over two threads, but I saw a model done on 36 count and thought that was small enough. I have never stitched one over two. I really wasn't sure there would be enough coverage. And the problem I was really worried about is that the threads are all from Crescent Colours. I hated, hated, hated those threads when I was stitching Raise The Roof's Warm Water Wash. But when I was buying the threads I could only find two Weeks Dye Works colors that were close enough to the Crescent Colours threads to actually substitute. I'll use DMC 3371 for CC Black Coffee. So I started stitching. I do love the colors, but for the first 20 crosses during every single cross, the thread knotted, just as it had on Warm Water Wash. I don't stitch quickly. I don't pull my threads tightly. This is just inferior thread. On the twentieth cross I spent almost 20 minutes trying to pry the knot apart before giving up in disgust and cutting out the knot. I did keep going and got two boxes and two motifs done. I just hope that I don't give up on this altogether, but it could happen. I do know that I will NEVER, EVER buy Crescent Colours threads again. If I can't find a color match, I will just go with different colors.

I do like the pattern and I do feel like a mini-finish after every motif is finished. I even enjoyed starting in the middle with K and P since my maiden name started with P, so I used KP as my initials until I was married. But I am bringing Three Gables with me as a backup project, if I decide that these Crescent Colours threads cannot be used. I leave for San Francisco in a couple of hours. I probably won't have reliable photo uploading until we get to Maui on Sunday. I hope everyone has a splendid weekend.


Pumpkin said...

LOL! Dangerous grounds when you go stash dipping ;o)

Glad you found the pattern. I'm really surprised at your problems with CC. I absolutely love them and have never had them knot on me. I guess each person has their own favorites :o)

Have a great flight!

Jennifer said...

I've never had a problem with CC either, but I've run across threads here and there that I didn't care for either. I don't see any reason why you can't do your own color conversion, even if you have to go with other threads (Have you tried looking in the Gentle Arts threads?) Even if you don't get an exact color match to the CC colors, I don't think it matters - at least you'll enjoy stitching the piece without the thread driving you nuts, and the end product will be uniquely your own.

mainely stitching said...

No doubt that you've tried Thread Heaven for the tangling problem? I am not a huge fan of CC either, but that's because the "tail" always frays and fluffs and tangles in things. Thread Heaven does help.

The colors are gorgeous, however, and I hope you won't give up on this lovely project!