Thursday, July 16, 2009


Buying kits can be fraught with complications. Maybe you won't like working with the fabric. Maybe the threads are a poor quality. Maybe there is not enough fabric or thread. Maybe the pattern doesn't match the model. But I ran into a problem with Mill Hill's Kitchen Collection Bowled Over that I have never seen before. Can anyone tell me which of these threads are Dark Rose, which are Light Red, which are Dark Red, and which are Light Rose? I didn't think so. Sometimes kits have the threads in labeled bags (Bent Creek). Sometimes kits have threads that are obviously different colors (and with the number of lengths noted so that you can tell the 3 lengths of Dark Rose from the 5 lengths of Dark Red, such as Dimensions kits). Sometimes the kits even attach the threads to a numbered chart (Bothy and Michael Powell). This kit does not tell you how many lengths you should have or how to distinguish one reddish thread from another. Now there are DMC color numbers listed for the threads, but all of my DMC is back in Nevada. I hope they do match what I have when I check them under my daylight lamp.

Meanwhile I am going to continue on with the colors I can differentiate. I've stitched all the Blue, Dark Green and the Light Yellow that need to be stitched. I wanted to stitch more of this on the plane, but the reading lights were broken and most of the shades were down. I stitched just the bottom row of the Light Yellow, then put it away for a brighter day. There are also a lot of beads in these kits. I like the way that they make the pattern sparkle, but I wasn't sure if I could stitch them at all. The provided beading needle had an eye so slender that my needle threader wouldn't even go through it. And I certainly couldn't get two strands of DMC through the eye either. Luckily my John James Petite 26 needle is handling the job beautifully. John James FTW!!! (For The Win) I will be better prepared for the next three kits. After I stitch all the Medium Green (and the matching beads), I will have a large area of unbeaded Light Green to stitch on the plane. Meanwhile I will go back to stitching Postcard from Paradise.

I haven't had a lot of stitching time this week because the Guest Room has gone from an almost empty room of junk to this. We bought curtains and curtain rods, finally taking down the very faded Martha Stewart bedsheets that were thumbtacked to the window frames. We bought a new king sized bed for the Master Bedroom and moved the queen sized bedroom set into the Guest Room. I washed all the sheets and towels and generally cleaned the house more than it has ever been (even the Office and the Library).

This was all in preparation for our niece Laura to visit us from Lexington, Kentucky. We took her out to lunch/dinner at Mama's Fish House (seen in the background here) and then back to the house. She promptly crashed, as would I after traveling for 12 hours. Right now she and James are out renting her some snorkel gear while I have a bit of quiet and stitch. We will probably have an early dinner then get up at dawn to drive the road to Hana (and around the back of the island). The waterfalls are always better early in the morning.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Sorry about your thread frustrations, maybe you can sort them from darkest to lightest and then use the picture to decide which area is darkest, etc. But they look awfully close. The room redo looks great, I'm sure your niece loves it. CJ ok;-)

mainely stitching said...

That is a frustrating experience! I had a similar experience in that the thread colors had weird names that didn't IMHO match the actual color, but the number of strands was provided and I could isolate them by process of elimination. Good luck!

Chiloe said...

I feel your pain ... this is so crazy: why don't they make the process easier? I feel Lanarte is a luxury as they already sort the threads !!!! yeah to the !!! Good luck finding the right thread ;-) You don't have a LNS close to you? They may have those threads book (don't remember the real name) with the numbers on them.

Cyn said...

Hi Margaret,

So sorry that you are having a frustrating time with your Mill Hill kit! I haven't had that much confusion with any of mine though I've come close and had to check colors to make sure I was using the correct one.

Glad to see that you made a lot of progress on the room and that you are having fun with your niece. I would have loved to have an Aunt and Uncle who had a home in Hawaii when I was growing up! :-)

I've been keeping up with your posts though I haven't been commenting much. Main computer at home went down for a week. Sigh...

Windy Meadow

Pumpkin said...

I can certainly see your problem! Hopefully you can get a better idea in better light?

Hope your niece has a lovely visit but then who goes to Hawaii and doesn't enjoy it???? LOL!