Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is actually quite an easy piece to stitch, even the back stitching. But I do have to stitch it at the dining room table because of all the beads. After a while the dining room chair is not as comfortable as my stitching chair, so I have to get up every so often and walk around. The directions say to stitch the crosses and then the beads, but I find it easier to stitch them all at once. The beads are stitched with the same thread as the crosses in each color, so they just get stitched inline. I've gotten this much done because I haven't felt my best after returning from Montreal. With all our travels we do pick up various minor flus and colds. So mostly I have been stitching, watching movies, and sleeping.

Actually the only difficult part to stitch is that rectangle at the bottom. Not only are there semi-random beads, but there are actually two different burgundies there which makes for a lot of counting, though after all that stitching it still looks like only one color. It looks like I might be able to finish this today, but I have a lot of family business to take care of, so stitching will only be done after everything else is taken care of. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Anna van Schurman said...

Have you tried a Tacky Bob? I can stitch beads sitting on the couch with this. You can drop the whole box without mishap. It's a thought.

Sharon said...

It's lovely!

Meari said...

Cute design. Hope you're feeling better soon.

mcsewing said...

Howdy! This weekend is the SAT and I don’t want to see it die, so I thought I’d leave you a little invitation to come join me :)