Friday, August 21, 2009

Boxes Done

And so is the Crescent Colours Caribbean Waters thread done. I managed to use the last of it on the mermaid's tail and the two sides of the outer border. Most of the bottom border is stitched in DMC. It's such a good color match that I don't think that anyone will notice. There are still some bits of Caribbean Waters called for in a few of the empty boxes, but the DMC should do fine there.

But here I am on the horns of a common dilemma. Since I am in Nevada with all my resources, I should be stitching on Hawaiian Mandala. This is the one project that just can't travel. But I am still happy enough stitching away on Postcard in Paradise. I could probably even finish it by next week. But the year is half over and I have very few of my 2009 Goals done. This isn't one of them. I should be working on Three Gables, Cottage Garden, Rouge ... comme, Bothy's Cut Thru Rocket, or one of many sewing projects. But if I leave Postcard now, it will only become a WiP for next year. Then there is the Under The Sea baby blanket. If I don't work on it again soon, it won't even be ready for Christmas. Chances are I will just keep working on this until it is done, but there are a lot of other WiPs calling.


Chiloe said...

If you are almost done, you should keep stitching it ;-) I don't set up goals because I could not keep them ... but I do try to have only one WIP at a time. I don't even think a rotation could work for me right now. I do admire stitchers who can carry several project on a rotation.

Bette said...

I say if you're on a roll, then stick with what your stitching. It's so easy to lose your stitching mojo when you try to do things you "have" to do and not stitch what you want to do. Ask me how I know!

Pumpkin said...

I agree. If you're on a roll, stick with it :o) It's looking really good!

Some years I'm really good about keeping my goals, others I'm not. It's just fun to see the percentage that I do get done each year. There's no pressure!