Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Fast Start

I have been taking Bowled Over as my plane stitching small piece, but I am about to the point now that only beaded parts are left. I did stitch some beading on it in Montreal, but not enough to take another picture. Bowled Over is part of the Kitchen Collection from Mill Hill. There are six different designs and I have four of them so far that I intend to stitch for the hallway into our new kitchen. I ironed the linen for the next kit, Toasty, and started that. I stitched in the Air Canada lounge before our first plane took off and for the entire three plus hour flight from Chicago to Las Vegas. I got most of the plain yellow and light green done then. When we got home I stitched the orange letters and all the beaded parts. It's about half way done! I have to admit that I am stitching this so furiously because I am almost to the end of George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. Even though I read it in book form, Roy Dotrice's narration is so exciting that listening to this audiobook is almost all I want to do. At least I am stitching while I listen.

At this pace I think I will try to finish this piece, then go back to Bowled Over and finish that, too. Even if I finish listening to A Game of Thrones, I have the next book, A Storm of Swords, to listen to next. There I was almost completely caught up on my podcasts and now I am behind again. ;-) After I finish these two pieces, I may go back to Postcard from Paradise, but since I am going to be here in Nevada for a few weeks, I really should take up Hawaiian Mandala again if I have any hope at all at finishing a few more parts before the end of the year. I can take Postcard and Three Gables to Hawaii when we go there in September, but not Mandala.

Although I enjoyed our trip to Montreal, there was one unfortunate experience. After we had cleared US Customs and put our large bags on the cargo belt, we had to pass through security. The agents seemed very annoyed for some reason that I didn't have a plastic bag full of gels and liquids. They asked about this three times. I stopped carrying them in carry on because they are just one more thing to deal with besides my laptop and shoes. So they kept my carry on bag in their X-ray scanner for several minutes looking for non-existent liquids. What they did decide to confiscate was my lovely pair of small black scissors that went with my Halloween fob. They were less than three inches in length in total with blades less than an inch. Although I have carried them in carry on overseas flights and to hundreds of places in the US, they gleefully took them and tossed them, even though they did let me take the fob off before they grabbed them. Technically I was on US territory once we had passed Customs, but no amount of discussion made any difference to these goons. And unlike normal US Customs, there was no option to allow you mail an offending item to your home. They were not expensive, but it will take me some time to replace them. At least they never recognized my blunt cats claw scissors, so I had them on my Chicago to Las Vegas flight to use when stitching Toasty.


Daffycat said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series but I've not listened to it on audio book. Is it abridged??? I am awaiting the next book which seems to be taking him FOREVER to write.

Nice stitching!

Donna said...

Too funny as GRR Martin's blog this morning has a link to an original song someone wrote based on a Neil Gaiman blog post. Someone wrote to Neil last May complaining about how late Martin's next book is. And Neil defended him with from the position of George RR Martin is not your bitch.

Pumpkin said...

Boy, you really have a few projects on the go. Every time I read your Blog, you mention another one ;o)

That really sucks with US Customs!!!! How nasty of them to do that. I'm glad you were able to nab your fob though.

I love how the beads are showing up in the pictures.