Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Fence Is Finished

Here is the finished fence and most of the leaves on the left hand side. Not only are there more leaves left to be stitched on the bottom, but there are dozens of leaves floating though the air that need to be stitched one at a time. My only complaint about this part of the pattern is that there is supposed to be a big, fat pumpkin button stitched right over the dozens of confetti stitches that I did below the fence. I will probably move it more towards the steps, so it doesn't cover up too many of the leaves.

I also gave the birds legs and added posts to the two smaller gables. There is just the garage, more leaves, and more back stitching to go. Drea asked if I was trying to finish this before Halloween. Not really. Even if it is finished, it probably won't get framed for a while. The reason I am working on this so strongly is that right now I have the time to do it. I have less than half of my yearly stitching goals done and I really want this to be one of the goals I finish. For the past three days my husband has taken our only car on Maui and attended the Maui Photo Festival and Workshops. That means I am either stitching or reading (or watching NCIS on Video On Demand). When he is finished we will have to start working on a couple of projects that we need to finish here on Maui.

When we get back to Nevada after Wednesday, we will jump right back into working on building the new house. We have been depressed about the months and months that our plans have spent in the City of Henderson Permit department. They had one small, picky change after another. I swear that they change the building rules weekly! But we have an almost complete permit now, with the question of the fireplace [installed in dozens of venues in Clark County, but apparently not good enough for City of Henderson] left to a committee to decide. I'll put in bookshelves before I will buy the only fireplace approved in the City of Henderson (and sold by one of the city commissioners!) So we might even get to break ground next week. We will start with the retaining walls and pool footings for a couple of months, but will eventually get to the house foundation. Soon the walls and roof will be up, but then the majority of the time will be taken with the interior finishing. I will get excited about the house again when they scoop that first shovelful of dirt.


Sharon said...

Beautiful progress! I hope you get your permits soon-how absolutely aggravating!

Pumpkin said...

I'm really loving your Halloween house :o) I can see why you have the complaint about the button covering all those leaves. That's a lot of work to cover up! LOL!

Permits. Oh joy! Hopefully you'll see the end soon and break ground.

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

I've just enjoyed catching up on all of your posts as I was wayyyyyyy behind!

Isn't that interesting about the fireplace... Hopefully, you will get everything worked out soon and you can see that first shovelful of dirt!

Windy Meadow

Mindy said...

I really like this design, especially that spider hanging from the eaves.

Really good news about the house too....finally!

Terri said...

Looks great. I love it.