Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Possibly this picture will make the subjects more evident. They are a group of seashells floating over a shallow ripple of waves. My mother-in-law is crazy about seashells and loves the ocean. She used to spend weeks every summer near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where she owns ten acres of pine forest entailed from King George III. Whenever my husband's family took a vacation, it was either to South Carolina or Sanibel Island, Florida. Hunting for shells was their favorite pastime.

I picked up this kit to start, because I thought it would be easier than searching for fabric and threads for a pattern. Well, not so much. First I replaced the Aida in the kit with a piece of Monaco. OK, that was simple. I can't imagine how anyone stitched this pattern on Aida as there are hundreds of quarter stitches. Then I spread out the threads under my Ott-Light and started putting them in the kit's included thread holders. Oops, only two six hole holders for 18 threads. OK, I can make another one. It was easy to separate out the 20 lengths of Pale Dusty Teal and the 6 lengths of Mint Green. But a lot of the colors had only one length and most of them are in the Tan, Beige, or Terra Cotta family. One length of Pink (818). Check! One length of Lt. Yellow-Orange (6121). WTF? That is not a DMC color number. That isn't even a DMC color name! Maybe it is Anchor? Maderia? And what about Rose Beige (2560) or Lt Orange (3722)? I spent what seemed like an age trying to find a conversion chart that mentioned those color numbers or names. Nothing, unless I wanted Rose Beige makeup or underwear. Finally I found a Bucilla-DMC chart that pointed me in the right direction. Mostly. Translating the Bucilla numbers to DMC numbers and checking my DMC threads under the Ott-Light with the kit threads only gave me a vague color equivalence. When it came down to the last few threads, I simply declared, "THIS is Light Orange and THIS is Light Rust." If they aren't, at least they will be consistent. I haven't figured out exactly what to do about the flower symbol in the chart that is not seen anywhere in the list of threads, though I have already substituted an orange tan for the pink called for in the upper shell, but not seen in the finished picture.

Someday the finished stitching should look like this. There are lots of half crosses, so I hope that parts of this go very quickly. So far the part of the inner frame I stitched in half cross was done in a flash. I hope to have this finished by Christmas. Yes, this Christmas. Though that means that most of the goals on my 2009 List will have to wait until 2010.


Mel said...

Very pretty!
I'm sure the colours will work out lovely.

Danielle said...

Your whole post is why I don't like stitching from those kinds of kits. You made me laugh.

Meari said...

I think you have the hard part done... figuring out what's what, lol. Good luck with getting it done by Christmas. You can do it!