Monday, November 16, 2009

Confetti Everywhere

One reason I abandoned Three Gables and moved on to this project was because the confetti stitching that was left on Three Gables was driving me crazy.   So instead I had the confetti stitching on the two top shells on the right side to drive me crazy.  There are over twenty different colors in them and most only five or six stitches.  I haven't stitched every single stitch in the top right quarter of this pattern, but I have certainly done more than a quarter of the stitching needed overall.  I'm going to move the fabric on my Q-snaps and start stitching the upper left quadrant.  I need to go back to the long boring water stitches.

Still no final permits for the new house, but as they say, Real Soon Now.  Mostly we are planning our travel for the next couple of months.  We always go to a convention in Los Angeles (Loscon) over Thanksgiving.  The following weekend is SMOFcon, which is in Austin, Texas this year.  Hooray, bar-be-que!!!  Of course, we will be in Lexington, Kentucky, for Christmas.  We thought about taking a cruise just before Christmas, but waited too long and all the lower price cabins were sold out.  So instead we are taking the same ship (Seabourn Odyssey, their new ship) on January 5 (leaving from Fort Lauderdale), sailing the Panama Canal, to Los Angeles.  That does mean we will miss CES (Consumer Electronics Show) again (went MacWorld last year and was too sick to attend the year before that).  MacWorld is in San Francisco in February, so we will be there then.  I am glad that I have been in one place for the past couple of months.  It's been very relaxing.


Pumpkin said...

This is really looking fabulous. I love the effect the threads give to the water area.

RuthB said...

I now confetti is agony. I hate it myself, but I have to say that your confetti is absolutely stunning!

Sorry your original cruise plan didn't work out, but the Canal adventure sounds like great fun. They'll be pictures, right? :)

See ya soon!

Meari said...

You're making good progress!