Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Finish for 2009

Yes, Mix It Up, is finished.  I didn't finish it in Kentucky, but I did finish it this morning.  This also means that three of the six Kitchen Collection kits are stitched.  I love how all their colors blend together without having all the same colors in every piece.  It also is handy that the beads are similar.  I can separate them all and put them in tiny baggies together rather than hunting through a pile of beads to find just the right one.

I also started the next kit in the Kitchen Collection series, Lil' Cupcake.  It's better to start a design before you get on a plane.  I had hoped to get more of this stitched on our long flight, but as it turned out the Delta flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas really didn't have sufficient light to stitch.  There almost wasn't enough light to read!

Delta?  Atlanta?  Yes, we had gotten to the airport on Tuesday evening for a United flight to Chicago with plenty of time and then we sat and sat while the mechanics tried to fix a problem on our plane.  We even got an upgrade phone call for our Chicago to Las Vegas flight.  You know this story is not going to have a good ending.  They canceled our flight, the last one from Lexington to Chicago, because the Public Address system wasn't working!  This is a very small plane.  If the flight attendants stood in the front and whispered you could probably hear them in the back of the plane.  Luckily as a Million Mile Flyer I have some standing with United.  So when they told me that the next flight out of Lexington that we could get on was 6 pm on the 31st, I told them to start looking for anything from Louisville or Cincinnati.  Heck, we would even drive to Chicago and get a plane home from there.  After a long time on hold they got us on a 6am Delta flight from Lexington to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Las Vegas.  It meant we got very little sleep that night and lost almost a entire day (yesterday), but as each plane actually took off and left the ground, I could only say "Hooray!  We are finally going home."

I probably wouldn't be so frantic about getting back to Nevada if we were not leaving again at 1am on Tuesday morning.  We would usually get there the day before and spend the night, but we really need every day we can have in Nevada.  We have to be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, by 1:30 pm on Tuesday, January 5th, to board the new Seabourn Odyssey.  We are taking a 16 day cruise from Florida to Los Angeles through the Panama Canal.  So away goes all the sweaters and coats and I'll start digging out the t-shorts, shorts, and swimsuit again.  I will have a round up of my finishes for 2009 tomorrow (after all I have 14 hours to finish one more project, lol) and some posts on 2010 plans after that.  I don't know how much I can post from the boat.  They have internet, but it is rather pricey.  May all of you have a Happy New Year and lots of stitching in 2010!


MarchAnn58 said...

I love the series they are so cute and you are doing a great job. Are you going to frame them all the same. would mske a neat wall display.

Donna said...

Sweet finish.

And happy cruising!

Pumpkin said...

Adorable finish! It will be a nice set for your kitchen.

I can't believe how much you fly! I'd say they had better go out of their way to help you ;o)

Happy New Year Kathryn and have a nice cruise :o)

Sharon said...

Cute finish! Happy New Year!

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Congratulations on another very cute finish!

Hope you are having/had a great time on your cruise.

Windy Meadow