Monday, December 21, 2009


Like many of you, I am pretty good about finishing a piece of stitching, but less enthusiastic about finishing finished stitching into something useful.  Case in point is this cow which I stitched for my niece.  I finished stitching it in 2000? 1995? earlier?  So it feels particularly good to have this framed and packed for our trip back east.  I've been looking for a bright pink frame for it for a long time, but have finally just settled for this bright red frame.  Actually, I think it looks good.

I would have never tried framing a stitched piece myself if I hadn't seen a tutorial on framing using stainless steel pins and acid-free foam core rather than lacing. I've always been a bit intimidated by lacing. I was sure the fabric would fall apart when I gave the lacing a final tug. And I knew I would never get the picture straight with only lacing.  But with pins, I lined everything up and measured it before and after placing the center and edge pins.  When things weren't exactly even, I could always unpin and repin.  Success!  I just hope all these pins don't set off the TSA metal detectors!

I am now so jazzed about framing like this, I want to frame up all of my stitched pieces. The only problem, of course, is that I have particular ideas about the frames I want for each piece, but I don't have the frames in hand. I least I know I can do framing when I get the frames.  And even better we now have two gifts for people who had no gifts before. 

Christmas is always a really big holiday for my husband's family.  When we all were younger we had lists that we gave each other and we shopped for the perfect things.  Now that we are all much older, none of us can think of things that we truly want or need.  James told his mother that he was going to wear a bow in his hair and that would be her Christmas gift.  Believe me, she would be perfectly fine with that.  We can get some things for the kids, but they are only one and three.  Not quite old enough for the traditional toys of dolls, trains, and books.  Usually we just land in Lexington and spend the next two or three days shopping.  We will probably do that again, but if my brother-in-law gets a stuffed iguana, then it serves him right for not giving us any suggestions.  Of course, I am equally bad.  I couldn't think of a single thing that I could get for my husband or that he could get for me.  Maybe I'll be the one getting the stuffed iguana.

Today is the day of traditional Chores That Need To Be Done Before We Leave:  cleaning the cat room and washing their bedding, shopping for cat food, cleaning up the kitchen, packing, and picking up the See's candy that we bring back east for the Christmas morning feast.  If we don't bring my sister-in-law some Key Lime Truffles, we will hear about it.  She has convinced her children and husband that they are "spoiled".  More for her! It's good to have these family traditions.  I hope you are all enjoying traditions of your own.

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Meari said...

Your framing turned out nice! I use foam core, but haven't tried the pins. I've done the lacing method.