Monday, December 28, 2009

I Can Almost Taste It

Yes!  The mixer is stitched.  Half the backstitching is done.  Another heart is added.  A quarter of the red border is done.  I should have this finished by tonight or tomorrow.  I already started kitting up the next design in the series, Lil' Cupcake, and decided what colors I can stitch on a plane without using beads.  I may have done a lot of this week's beading sitting on a sofa, but I am not crazy enough to bead on a moving airplane!

We head back to Nevada late tomorrow.  I can not wait to be home!  I love my in-laws and have enjoyed all our conversations, but physically this has been a tough trip.  My mother-in-law's guest room is just big enough for a double bed.  Two large grownups in a double bed means not much sleep unless we take turns.  Instead of being almost too warm, my mother-in-law has turned the heater down to almost cold enough to see your breath.  And the hot water heater is hardly up to the task of a short shower.  When I get home I am taking a long, hot, deep bath and curling up in our king bed under our feather comforter.  It really doesn't take much, just space and hot water [OK, OK, and WiFi], to make me happy.


Pumpkin said...

You're almost there!

There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed ;o)

Von said...

Wi-fi helps! :D Recently DH and I have been getting a hotel room when visiting family as I'm not as young as I used to be and a good bed is very important. Thank goodness no one's feelings are hurt!

Happy New Year, Kathryn, and welcome home!

Meari said...

That is a really cute project you're working on.

Happy 2010 to you!

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

You're almost done! Did you finish it when you got home?

It's always wonderful to travel but even better to come home again. I agree on the comfortable bed and hot water. I can manage if I have both of those. Oh yea, and flushing toilets (we do a lot of scout activities). :-)

We now get a hotel room(s) for us and the kids when we visit my husband's family. Much nicer and we can get a break when we need one.

I've enjoyed seeing all of your recent stitching progress.

Happy New Year!

Windy Meadow