Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Shells

No, I didn't post this before Thursday and I didn't drive to Los Angeles either.  On Thursday morning I not only felt awful, but I hadn't gotten much sleep at all the night before.  So I sent my husband off to LA and decided to stay home and rest up.  It did give me plenty of time to stitch, so some more shells in the upper left quadrant are done.  Actually there are less shells to do in this quadrant than any of the others.  Most of the upper left area is blank.  Also some of the shells have only three or four colors rather than twenty, so they are stitching up much faster.  However, it is time to go back to the water on the left side.  When I just can't face another confetti stitch, I can always go back to the rows and rows of water.  After all there is much more water than shells.

This week is resting up to make sure I am up to the trip to Austin, Texas this weekend.  We leave very early on Friday morning, but will be back on Sunday.  All I have to do is go and eat BBQ (and talk to my friends who I missed seeing in LA).  I should be up for that.


RuthB said...

PLease, please, please feel better right now! I can't have you missing BBQ. :)

Von said...

Do rest up and get yourself better for the Texas trip! :)

Confetti stitching can drive one to madness!