Sunday, December 20, 2009

Progress and A Problem

I was very pleased to finish the upper left hand quadrant a week ago Friday.  This project seemed to be moving along smartly.  But then I looked at the calendar.  There were less than two weeks until we left for Back East.  There certainly wasn't enough time to get this framed, even if I did it myself.  Usually, in these cases, I just wait until next year and promise myself I would get it finished by then.  But James' mother is 89 year old and frail.  She might not be around next Christmas.  Maybe I could wrap up the finished stitching and frame it later.

But as the week went by, I realized that even with dedicated stitching, I wouldn't be able to finish the stitching before we left.  This was even more apparent when I miscounted one row on the inner frame and had to unstitch all the bottom inner frame and several shells along the bottom.  Still, I couldn't just abandon the project, so I have been soldiering along, stitching as much as I can each day.  Much of the inner lower left quadrant is finished, but that leaves a lot of water below the inner frame and all of the lower right quadrant.  It is apparent that I won't finish this before Christmas, but I should be able to finish and frame this before the end of January.  I've heard of belated birthday presents.  I guess this will be a belated Christmas present.

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Pumpkin said...

It's looking so great! I'm sorry that the frog decided to stop by :oS You should be fairly close to being done by the time you have to go. If not, I'd just wrap it as is and explain the situation when she opens it.