Friday, January 29, 2010

Is It Stash...

if you already have patterns and are just buying the fabric and threads?  ;-)  I've been looking all over for this 32 count Belfast in Thundercloud for the new Prairie Moon patterns Crypt Club and Merry Cryptmas.  I finally ordered it from Stitchin' Bits and Bobs.  I know they can take a while to fulfill an order, but it does get here eventually in good shape.  The actual fabric is a bit more gray and less blue than the photograph, but lots of the photos I've seen of these projects make the fabric look blue.  Even though I now have both of these projects kitted up, I don't intend to stitch them right away.  I have too many WiPs as it is and they will take first priority.  But it certainly is nice to have these to look forward to.  I guess I just am not drawn to any tiny projects.  :-)  Everything I have is medium sized or massive!

We had our first meeting since the building permit was granted with our contractors this morning. Everything seems to be moving along. They are lining up subcontractors and should be ready to start the retaining walls on February 25 when we get back from Hawaii. Meanwhile we are going to settle down tonight and watch my latest purchase -- the first six years of NCIS. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Kelly said...

I like the projects you kitted. I tend toward massive so I understand that WIP's have to come first before more new starts.

RuthB said...

6 years on NCIS in one night? Nah, can't be. :)

Love the new purchases, but I really do like what you have pictured there.

Go contractor, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MarchAnn58 said...

I like these, my freind Jan would really love them. I will have to point them out to her. I bet the material will be just right, S&B does a good job of getting you what you want.

Cyn said...

Hi Kathryn,

Congratulations on finishing Lil' Cupcake. Cute!

Just to let you know that I saw the phots when I checked in a while ago but now they aren't displaying. :-)

Crossing my fingers that progress is now going to be made on the house.

Windy Meadow