Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's A Cupcake

This is what I finished stitching on the ship. It turns out that the pebbled surface of the card tables work just fine for keeping beads from falling off the table, even when the ship is rocking quite a bit. We had heavy swells from Cabo to Los Angeles as we sailed through the storms that were leaving inches of rain all over the Southwest.  I'm not affected by pitching and yawing, so I was fine.  Actually I have most of this project done.  There are just a few backstitches to do.  Therefore a happy dance is in the future, probably tomorrow.  Then I will return to Tranquility (The Shells), which certainly has a lot more to stitch than just some backstitching.  We are going to make a short trip to Los Angeles this weekend for two meetings.  I think I will take Angel Cat along with me.  There should be some mindless background stitches I can do during the first board of directors meeting.  The second meeting is a hotel walkthrough for a convention this summer.  I am doing the programming and need to see what the spaces look like.

This is a picture of the double helix staircases on the Seabourn Odyssey. All the Seabourn ships have these lovely staircases (and elevators).  This is looking down from the ninth deck (The Spa) to the fourth deck (The Restaurant).  Our cabin was on the sixth deck, so very convenient to stairs and all the other decks.  Carolyn McNeal suggested that I might miss the ship once I had gotten home.  Well, actually, no.  We took just the minimal amount of clothes, so I was quite tired of wearing the same things over and over.  Not to mention that there is much more space in our house than in our cabin, no matter how well appointed.  It was a nice trip, but I am really glad to be home where I can spread out and not have to pack up my needlework after every session.


RuthB said...

Oooo love the staircase... and yes, life's all about spreading out and walking away ;-)

Terri said...

That staircase is wonderful your stitching is beautiful.