Monday, February 15, 2010


Although my favorite LNS, The Status Thimble, does not carry Gloriana Princess Perle, Edgar's favorite LNS, Needle in a Haystack in Alameda, does carry it and had two skeins of #053, Granny Apple Green.  I will probably need only one more skein, but better to be be safe than sorry.  There might be a very slight different in the new skeins (on the left) than the old (on the right), but with such a busy background, I don't think anyone will notice.  I managed to avoid the hundreds of appealing needlepoint canvases and the thousands of great cross stitch charts, but I did go for some different threads to finish Angel Cat.  First, although I stitched the head of the fish in DMC Rayon, I hated the lumpy way it turned out (even with a laying tool), so I am going to rip it out and replace it with Neon Rays.  Then for the border, which I had considered satin stitching in Caron's Snow like the heart, it was suggested that Petite Very Velvet would be a better choice.  So I got Petite Very Velvet in red and gray for the border.  And even better than that, they had some Dovo black scissors, so now I have new scissors to replace the ones confiscated by Canada TSA in August.  It was a wonderful stop and I am sure we will be back.  Especially since my husband and I pay cash for most things and track our cash with Where's George.  Someone from Alameda hit (entered) almost all the bills we spend there.  So even my husband wants to go back!  :-)

The flight to Maui was on time and uneventful.  Uneventful even for stitching unless you want to see three pale yellow crosses that are the start of Easy As Pie.  But although the weather is glorious here, inanimate objects are really giving us a hard time.  First, the new modem from Clearwire is overheating, so we will have to return it tomorrow when the local store is open.  We can have internet for 30 minutes or so, then I have to turn it off and let it cool down.  At least the Time Warner Oceanic cable store was open today.  First the television had no guide, then trying to reset it left the box dark and blank.  Off to the cable store to replace it.  Now we have cable, though since our projector remote died, we have to get up on a ladder and turn on the projector manually.  Of course our home theater installer moved and who knows when we will be able to get another remote.  The only other home theater installer on Maui has never returned our phone calls.  It's Maui.  If it's not on island, it might as well not exist.  And our hot tub, which only works every fifth time is once again emptying the water instead of heating it up when we turn it on.  It's lovely to sit in the hot tub and watch the stars here, but not tonight.  All of this is to say that no stitching was done today and maybe just a little tomorrow depending on how long it takes to replace the modem.  I hope those who had long weekend had a wonderful one.


Donna said...

Hot tub, stars vs. my feet of snow. Oh to be in Maui now.

You'll like working with the Very Velvet. I love how this canvas is coming along.

RuthB said...

lol -- trouble in paradise seems to be appropriate here. :)

I love the fresh choices for the happy cat. I usually dread velvet stitching, but I'm trying to be positive since I have a Santa suit that's supposed to be all velvet -- what idiot made that choice... oh, wait, that'd be me.

Here's hoping nothing else goes wrong in paradise.

valerie said...

How funny...The Status Thimble is a 2 block walk from my house. Despite that, I find most things I need at Needle in a Haystack so I make the long drive to Alameda. I'm glad you found your threads!