Friday, June 25, 2010

More Sheep

I bet you thought I was talking about Bent Creek Sheep! Well, I wish I was stitching one of them, but when I went to find a kit to take on our road trip, I couldn't find one, though I know I have at least two left. I said that I would stitch something from the odd Portuguese cross stitch magazine, but that pattern is being stitched on 36 count over two. A little tiny for trying to stitch on an airplane. Instead I have started a different dragon. I was going to start Teresa Wentzler's Celestial Dragon this year, but I am intimidated by the incredible progress that Dani has made on hers. Instead I have chosen a smaller dragon to work on. I will post a picture as soon as I have more than 906 (DMC Green) stitched! It's on 26 count fabric, but is only a little over 7" x 7" square.

The cuties in the picture above are from Colin's Creatures who has the best animals I have seen. they are not too small and substantially heavy. The first creature to the left is a Nubian goat. I fell in love with these animals at the Lane County Fair in Eugene, Oregon. They are very friendly and make great goat cheese. The family grouping in the front are Cotswolds, who I fell in love with during a drive in one May on the back roads of England. There were lambs everywhere. The super curly one is a Devon found in the north of England and New Zealand. I love how their coats are naturally curly. The next horned one is a New Zealand breed called a Drysdale. We saw lots of these when we lived in New Zealand. The last brown sheep is a German Pomeranian, one of the monthly specials that Colin runs. I couldn't been more happy with my little tribe and now my husband has some idea what to get me on Christmas and birthdays. These animals were purchased with my mother-in-law in mind. Each year she gave us $100 to spend on something "we wouldn't buy ourselves". I always did and boxed it up for her to see. Although she is no longer alive to contribute the money, still I did this in her memory.

Right now we are in Lexington, Kentucky, gathering together the last of her things that we want to take back to Nevada. Tomorrow we will leave extra early and drive for three days (about 10 hours a day). We need to get back by Monday evening so that I can meet Anna on Tuesday. She is in Las Vegas to visit her parents. Hooray. I love meeting stitching bloggers In Real Life.


Kendra said...

*waving toward Lexington from the western end of the state* :-)

LOVE those sheep! I'm going to check out the website and will probably find all kinds of critters that I will want!

mainely stitching said...

What a cute bunch of sheep and goats!!

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