Monday, July 26, 2010

Border to Border

Once I had moved the Q-snaps, I decided to go ahead and finish the upper right hand corner border. Of course, I couldn't just leave the threads as they were, but had to add some bling by putting Rainbow Galley Petite Treasure Braid Gold in the upper inner trefoil. It doesn't look like much bling in the picture, but there is a subtle sheen that I like a lot. I've been very schizophrenic about stitching. Some days I have spent hours moving along with this project. Then there are days that I ignore it completely to play Farmville or Godfinger and watch the new Starz series The Pillars of the Earth. Right now I have started filling in the blues, purples, and maroons of the background. This is not a cute dragon, but is actually rather mean looking, but fitting for his Celtic heritage.

Other than stitching, my main project is organizing the Hugo presentation for Aussiecon IV in Melbourne, Australia. We will be leaving for there in less than a month. Hooray! I had my first round of infusion chemotherapy last week. It went fairly well though I was nervous about sleeping with the infusion machine. It wasn't too bad. Just like a sad puppy that pulls on his leash a bit and whines softly every few minutes. Actually it sounds more like a camera shutter clicking. This week is all about the new house: the pool tomorrow and doors and windows on Wednesday. Much of the interior cabinetry is chosen and so is much of the plumbing fixtures. We still need to settle on flooring and countertops. So until the next time: I wish you swift stitches and beautiful threads.


Pumpkin said...

Oh wow! The colors in this are so vibrant and pretty :o)

I'm sorry about the chemo. I hope it goes better as you get a little more used to it :o(

Front Range Stitcher said...

I really like all the colors you've chosen here. The outside framing is really nice too. Can't see the shimmer though on my monitor.

I had to Google Aussiecon 4, sorry I didn't know what that was. Are you getting an award? Tell us more. Maybe you're giving out an award. Inquiring minds, ya know.

Cannot wait to know more about the choices you've made for the house.

Take care of yourself Kathryn, I'm so glad you have many distractions at this time and wish you all the best with your treatments. Sounds like you're hanging in there pretty well! Blessings.

Daffycat said...

Beautiful progress, Kathryn!

I pray the chemo goes well and you have a minimum of side effects. *hugs*

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