Friday, July 16, 2010

The Headless Beast

You can get a lot of stitching done when you are in San Francisco with no refrigerator and no television. No refrigerator, no cooking. We did have a refrigerator, but it lost its freon AGAIN. So it is no more than a big white box now. I would have even more of this done if I hadn't gotten involved with several iPad games. But I did move the Q-snaps to give me room to stitch the wing at the top right hand corner. Which means that if I continue around in a clockwise manner, I will finish the head last. I couldn't resist stitching a bit of the border to get over stitching all the blues and greens. Now I do love blues and greens, but a steady diet of any color will make you long for colors of a different value.

On the health front, my month of travel and recovery is almost over. On Wednesday I had minor surgery to put in an influsion port (a plastic valve that will eventually sit invisibly under the skin and allow access to a tube in my vein. It is safer than putting chemo directly into a vein in your arm.) It was very odd to have surgery while being totally awake. I have taken my Intro to Chemo class (required half hour video that they subjected me to at 8 in the morning). The first of nine infusions will start on Tuesday. I should be able to stitch (and type) for a while, but eventually my hand motor skills may degrade. I just hope the first three infusions go smoothly. Then I will have a break while we travel to Australia and finish the last six infusions after we get back. I hope everyone has a happy and productive weekend. I'm planning to do a lot this weekend.


Parsley said...

Great progress. I love the greens!

mainely stitching said...

Hey Kathryn, your dragon looks fabulous so far! :D

I hope the chemo goes as smoothly as possible. For how long will your motor skills be affected?

Mary said...

Great progress on the dragon! Love the colors.

I hope all goes well with your treatments, and will keep you in my thoughts. Be positive!

Front Range Stitcher said...

That's the prettiest beast I've seen, even if it is headless. Fridge not working in San Francisco? Sounds like a busman's holiday. I read about some of your culinary adventures recently.

Kathryn of course I'm wishing you unprecedented success with your treatments. We are behind you and will keep much good karma directed your way, in the interim you may have to switch to your other great love: reading. Fingers crossed you'll feel well enough to enjoy your upcoming trip to Australia-if possible I hope you'll post about it. Looking forward to seeing the head on your beastie. Take care friend.

Jane said...

Kathryn, I hope your chemo goes well. During my chemo almost 18 years ago, I got so much stitching done I got spoiled with being able to pick out large projects to do next. Once real life came back in, (cooking... work... )my output slowed way down again.
I love your dragon, I love greens and blues together also.
Best wishes!