Friday, August 6, 2010

One Quarter Finished

Well, almost. I was going to move the Q-snaps so that I could start on the lower right quadrant, but there is still a lot of backstitching to do on the upper right quadrant. Backstitch now or later? Sigh, I think the proper answer is backstitch now, then move the Q-snaps. The backstitching is complex enough that there is a entire separate page just for the backstitching. It is not over the entire picture, but there is a lot on the wings and body. I'll get back to cross stitching next week.

Other than stitching and sleeping, I am mostly working on the house. Last week we had a half dozen meetings with pool guys, plumbers, electricians, window and door guys, and the glass artist who is doing our front door and master bedroom shower. It's amazing how interconnected all these systems are. The plumbers need to know about the ice maker, the electricians need to know about the tankless hot water heaters, and the pool guys need to know where the gas lines can be. I am glad we have a general contractor as I would hate to co-ordinate and get bids for all this by myself. No pictures yet as they are just working on the foundation. Maybe I can post a picture when they finish the rough framing next month. Meanwhile, I wish you all swift stitches and beautiful threads.