Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stitching Blogger's Question for September

Now that it is October, I thought it was well past the time to answer a question. But I think I will skip the October question about birth order and answer this one.
Is there anything that you do while you are stitching that is kind of weird or unusual? A quirky habit maybe? Or anything that you do that makes you think, Hey…I wonder if anyone else does this?

At first the only thing I could think of was that I always have a drink by my side. It's the desert, people. We need to carry water when we go to the grocery store, even in the winter. 9% humidity is no joking matter. I know most of you probably are yards away from the nearest edible. But I am not talking about greasy nachos here or melting chocolate (those both of those are great in their place). I just need something to drink while stitching, usually Coke, but sometimes iced tea. But then I took a look at this picture and saw a lot of habits that I don't ever think about. First, I always make a copy of the chart. Sometimes I increase the size to see the stitches better or copy two pages on one page. Then I always use a yellow highlighter to mark the parts I have stitched. Probably not that unusual, but it is what I do. I always have my iPhone or iPod by my side for podcasts and audio books. I stitch without my glasses, so watching movies or television is not possible.

The other things I noticed have to do with how I organize my threads. I don't put my threads on bobbins, since they are in Floss*A*Way plastic bags (for DMC) or on rings for everything else. But for DMC threads I do wind my extra thread around the part of the DMC label that does not have the number on it. And I face all my threads towards me so that I can read the labels without picking them up. I also organize the threads on the table in groups of threads that are stitched together. OK, that's probably not very quirky, but those are some of the things that I do.

For those of you looking carefully you can see that I am working on the Headless Dragon here. Yes, I have stitched more of him, but for those of you waiting for a head, you will probably be waiting a long time. I am stitching the pattern clockwise, so the part I am working on now are his rear feet. And after this picture was taken I cleared him away so that I could work on two Fair and Square exchanges. They have both been received, so I can tell you about them in my next post.